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14 February 2022

Public institutions that need solutions based on R&D and undertake the implementation of the project results, “Customer Institution”; project preparation and project execution, skills, experience and infrastructure; The public R&D unit, university and/or private institution where the project is carried out is the "Project Manager".
They are included in the program as “organizations”.

14 February 2022

The 1511 Priority Area R&D projects, initiated by TUBITAK for the first time in 2012, aim to increase technological competence and knowledge in our country, to evaluate existing talents in different fields, and to develop unique technologies that can compete at the international level.

14 February 2022

Within the scope of this project, with the projects supported by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); It is aimed to increase competitiveness and export capacities, to gain the ability to carry out R&D and innovation projects, to support project-based research - technology development and innovation activities, to encourage R&D quality innovation activities, to contribute to the establishment and spread of R&D and innovation culture.

14 February 2022

TÜBİTAK, which adopts the vision of being an innovative, directing, participatory and sharing institution in the fields of science and technology, serving to increase the quality of life and sustainable development of Turkey; It aims to provide a competitive structure for the country's industry and academic institutions on a global scale by contributing significantly to research and development studies in the fields of SMEs, universities, industry and entrepreneurship.

14 February 2022

With this program, it is aimed to contribute to the commercialization of knowledge and technology in universities, research infrastructure, public research centers and institutes, by transforming them into products or processes and transferring them to the industry in line with the needs of organizations residing in Turkey and undertaking to implement the project results in Turkey.



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