As KOMID, our goal is to increase the export potential and competitiveness of our members, to adopt a total quality management approach and to ensure that they produce in line with all technological developments.
Garment Automation Machinery Manufacturers Association


Turkish machinery manufacturers, which have grown their success in global markets and in the domestic apparel market, are adding more and more value to our country's economy and brand perception by exceeding the world's accepted technology standards. In this context, it is extremely important for Turkish companies manufacturing automation machinery to gather within the framework of their common interests, to grow in international markets by making sectoral evaluations and strategic partnerships and cooperations, both for its stakeholders and for our country's economy. The proliferation of COMID and similar specialized associations is therefore extremely important and essential.

Another important point is to break the tradition of determining the dates of the garment machinery fair, which is held biennially in Turkey, according to the importers rather than the manufacturers. Thus, we decided to establish KOMİD for important, as well as constructive purposes, such as ensuring that the needs and demands of us manufacturers, who have to act according to the international fairs in the fair calendars and rent an area of approximately 10,000 square meters in total, are also taken into account.

Mission of KOMİD

To create coordination and unity of power among Turkish companies manufacturing apparel automation machinery and systems. To activate this union of forces, especially in national and all international promotional activities, to provide our members with significant advantages in various fair participation and stand setup costs. In addition, instead of participating in its own individual stand, especially in major international fairs, our members of our association can display brochures, usb, video wall, etc. in our association stands that are open to common use. To provide promotional opportunities at different levels and with advantageous costs.

To provide information sharing on state incentives and all kinds of sectoral supports on behalf of the members, as well as providing training and technical support through relevant universities for the planning and implementation of such studies, when necessary. To seek solutions to common problems faced by exporting members, especially in import and export regimes and practices, and to coordinate with appropriate public institutions when necessary.

To give both theoretical and practical support to the efforts of all our members to increase the total quality in the fields of manufacturing and business. To organize trainings especially on issues related to total quality and all needed issues. Organizing sectoral training and seminars.

Also Metal Machinery Manufacturers etc. To benefit from the opportunities provided here by defending the interests of our members on every surface by being represented in similar big unions.

To provide privileges and advantages to our members in the fields of international air, land and sea transportation within the framework of cooperative understanding.

Brand registration as well as quality and CE etc. To support our members on certifications. To carry out awareness-raising and educational studies that will enable all our colleagues to produce together at certain standards and quality with quality certification in a real sense.

To provide legal support, if necessary, from legal consultants with private contracts with our association at home and abroad. We decided to establish KOMİD for the purposes of monitoring various government supports that our members are entitled to receive from the Turkish Trade Undersecretariats abroad and ensuring that our members can access these resources regularly and without any problems.

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KOMID'S Vision

As KOMİD, our vision is to contribute to the increase of our members' total income level by increasing their export potential and competitiveness, especially by adopting the understanding of total quality management, keeping up with all technological developments and even creating technology when appropriate.

In this context, it is to be an active participatory, sharing and democratic expert civil organization that can create and implement common strategies by following all global trends and consulting together with its members.

In order to make this vision sustainable and permanent, KOMİD will develop sustainable policies in line with the priorities of our sector in cooperation with all relevant institutions, and will always carry its members up and forward in solidarity and cooperation by creating the tools and infrastructure to realize them.

Who Can Participate in KOMID?

As it is evident from the opening of the name of our association, which is an expert NGO, in addition to the partners and board members of real and legal entities that 'manufacture' automation machinery and systems used in all kinds of apparel manufacturing and their apparatus, the real media, logistics and supply services providing sector-specific media, logistics and supply services. and legal entities' partners and board members, and their professional managers at the level of General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Marketing Manager, Export Manager and Manufacturing Manager.

How Can You Join KOMID?

If you believe that you will act in unity and solidarity with us in accordance with the founding purposes and charter of KOMID, and in addition to taking advantage of the necessary advantages to represent your company in the most advantageous way both in the domestic and international markets, we will be aware of the incentives given to the manufacturers in a timely manner and make new preparations. If you want to have a say in the incentives, you can also choose around the principle of strength comes from unity. komid.org We invite you to review our site. You can contact us for more.

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KOMID's Goals

As KOMID we;

On behalf of its members, it aims to create a unity of thought and action in line with the above-mentioned national development goals by conveying the needs, opinions and suggestions among its members to the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM), the government and the public, directly or indirectly, through the press and other means. .

It contributes to the creation of efficient national economic policies by making the best use of regional and sectoral potentials in the economic development of our country.

It contributes to the promotion of Turkey at the global competitive level, and works for the development of industrial and economic, communication, representation and cooperation networks.

With its international integration and interactions, it works to accelerate the development of the country's economy through value-added production and export, creates opinions, develops projects and organizes events.

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Established in 2020, the Association of Apparel Automation Machinery Manufacturers aka KOMID is a voluntary business association formed by Turkey's leading manufacturers of apparel machinery, equipment, software, vending machines and systems.

KOMID members make significant contributions to the Turkish economy in the form of technical and technological production, registered employment and high value-added exports. With its activities, the association aims to contribute to the formation of an industrial economy that has the goal of international competitiveness, sustainable development and the understanding of participatory democracy.

As Komid, we contribute to the creation of efficient national economic policies by making the best use of regional and sectoral potentials in the economic development of our country.



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