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14 February 2022

TÜBİTAK, which adopts the vision of being an innovative, directing, participatory and sharing institution in the fields of science and technology, serving to increase the quality of life and sustainable development of Turkey; It aims to provide a competitive structure for the country's industry and academic institutions on a global scale by contributing significantly to research and development studies in the fields of SMEs, universities, industry and entrepreneurship.

TÜBİTAK Project Preliminary Evaluation
Our expert engineers evaluate your project issues from the perspective of the TEYDEB Arbitrator and inform you mathematically about the possibility of your project being approved. During the evaluation of the projects, not only evaluation is made, but fictional support is provided in order to increase the likelihood of the project's acceptability. Before starting the project work, this assessment is communicated to you, and the risks are determined, and it is ensured that a position is taken according to the determined risks. After the project risks and evaluation, the application decision is left to your company.

This preliminary study of our engineers, who carry out project evaluation from an objective perspective with their experience in more than 850 projects, is completely free of charge and is one of the most important factors affecting the success of the project.

TÜBİTAK R&D Project Preparation and Consultancy
The project preparation process is of great importance so that the appropriate project subject, which is decided by the preliminary evaluation of the project, can be supported by TUBITAK at the highest possible rate. In this process, which lasts for 4 to 5 weeks on average, our expert engineers receive information from your company from different departments such as Accounting, Finance, Operations, which are both about the technical engineering infrastructure of the project and the organizational structure of the enterprise, with on-site visits.

In our office in Istanbul University Technopark and in Şişli Headquarters, this information about the project is enriched with literature and market analyzes and the project is given its initial form. Following the preparation of the first version of the project, the detailing, structuring and all controls of the project are made and the application is completed on time and completely.
At this stage;

  • Academic literature review – providing guidance on sector analysis and explaining the reasons for project initiation and linking project objectives with the relevant funding mechanism.
  • Panel opening and registration of the company in the relevant database
  • Explaining the Scientific and Technological approach and methodology to be followed in the project and creating a detailed business plan.
  • Preparation of forecast files
  • Creating project work packages and explaining project activities in detail.
  • Establishing the widespread impact of the project results and the alignment framework with the National R&D targets.
  • Product Commercialization forecasts, sales channels, comparison with existing products in the market.
  • Creation of Budget and Cash Flow tables in line with TÜBİTAK Budget Modeling approaches, documentation related to justification of expenditure items.
  • Making the project application to the relevant unit
  • Carrying out revision studies, if requested by the relevant unit during the evaluation process,
  • Providing the necessary technical support to the company during the evaluation process
  • Providing support before referee visits and during meetings

processes such as these are carried out successfully with the contribution of our expert engineers.



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