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14 February 2022

The aim of the R&D and Innovation Support Programme is to enable small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs with new ideas and inventions based on science and technology to produce new products, new processes, information and/or services through research and development and innovation projects to be supported.

14 February 2022

The scope of the Industrial Implementation Programme is to support the projects prepared for the production of a new product/service, improvement of its quality, introduction of new cost-reducing techniques, commercialisation of products or processes in accordance with the market by KOSGEB.

14 February 2022

KOSGEB was established under the name of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Presidency in order to increase the share and efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises in meeting the economic and social needs of the country, to increase their competitiveness and competitiveness, and to realise integration in industry in accordance with economic developments.



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